Android Arrives

Dear [Firstname],

This is it!  Our most hotly anticipated release ever:


RunRev is bringing its popular LiveCode development environment to Android.

Port your apps easily and quickly from iOS to Android. As a cross-platform development solution, LiveCode allows you to use the same code to deploy to multiple mobile platforms. To see how easy it is to port from one mobile platform to another click here.

As an owner of LiveCode iOS, you've seen that LiveCode has already transformed iOS development, making it dramatically faster and easier to create apps. Now we're going to shake up Android development too.  

We know you have been eagerly awaiting this exciting new development.  We don't want to make you wait longer than you have to, so we're bringing you the very first version that is capable of useful work. This pre-release is an early version. It will have bugs, unimplemented features and limitations. In particular we do not yet have any support for the native Android theme. Just like we did with iOS, we will be addressing these limitations and adding support for more of the Android feature set in coming months. Help us to make Android LiveCode the best it can be by buying into it early.

Step up to mobile freedom today!  Add LiveCode for Android pre-release to your current LiveCode licence for only $299. Your purchase will include access to the first full release of the Android platform.

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