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Back to School with LiveCode

Learn a New Skill Before Term Starts

Let us show you just how to use LiveCode with our simple 7 lesson course stepping you through creating your first mobile application. Use our free Academy as a lesson plan for your classes. Sign up for the course today and be ready to teach your students by the start of the new term.

Get immediate results to keep students interested and motivated while they absorb the basics of serious programming.

LiveCode Academy

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Five Reasons why LiveCode is Perfect for Education

  1. Write code in plain English - Pupils use the language they already know to write software. No Jargon!
  2. See results right away – compile free coding cycle means students see changes as they make them.
  3. It’s fun! LiveCode uses a graphical user interface; you’ll grab, and hold, students attention right from the start.
  4. Rich feature set: Students can create a completely custom multimedia experience for the mobile phone, process text or data on the desktop or build a fully functional web application. 
  5. Learn Transferable Skills: LiveCode teaches the principals of coding which are necessary to pursue a career in software development. 

LiveCode Rules

Buy one Education Site license, get another free. 40 seats for 20!*

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*Email us after your purchase, quoting your invoice number and coupon ED2FOR1. Time Limited Offer.

"The students come into the course with varying degrees of ability and commitment, and LiveCode has the flexibility to adapt. The simple user interface makes it un-intimidating, but it has the depth and power to hold the interest of the more experienced students."
- Marty Billingsley, middle school teacher,
University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

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Get this great deal for cash strapped educators: buy one education license, get another free. That's 40 seats for the price of 20!* Buy LiveCode

*Email us after your purchase, quoting your invoice number and coupon ED2FOR1. Time Limited Offer.

students again In today’s job market it’s essential to give your students as many transferrable skills as possible before they leave education. The current buzz is all about mobile. Use LiveCode Educator to teach your students mobile as well as desktop development. Embrace the phone/tablet your students love as a learning tool while teaching them vital skills they will need to succeed in the tough modern workplace.

We know how cash strapped universities and schools are just now.  So, we are offering one free LiveCode license with every license bought for the duration of this offer – that’s 40 seats for the price of 20*. Join the ranks of many other progressive teachers who have already discovered how LiveCode can engage their students.Buy LiveCode 

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*Simply email after your purchase, quoting your invoice number and coupon code ED2for1, and we’ll add the extra seats to your license. 

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