Is your school teaching technology your students engage with? 

Only 39% of students believe their school’s investment in technology gives them the skills they need for future work.*

StudentsFind out how one teacher got his students interested and engaged in technology learning.  “I started to create some programs in LiveCode and before I knew it I had developed a Standard Grade Course which I have successfully taught to my two fourth year classes (ages 14-16)” says Steven Whyte of Gracemount High School, Edinburgh. Now he's finding that more of his students are going on to take higher programming courses.

Read the Gracemount Case Study here

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students againLiveCode’s English-like language makes it an easy and fun way to teach programming. With just an inquisitive mind and no programming language experience LiveCode can be used to get kids into programming faster and easier than any other programming tool.  Whether it’s a simple game, an interactive program to show classmates, or a program for their iPhone or iPad, the flexibility and ease of LiveCode combined with immediate results gets kids hooked. 

Five Reasons why LiveCode is Perfect for Schools

  1. Write code in plain English - Pupils use the language they already know to write software. No Jargon!
  2. See results right away – compile free coding cycle means students see changes as they make them.
  3. It’s fun! LiveCode users a graphical user interface; you’ll grab, and hold, students attention right from the start.
  4. Rich feature set: Students can create a completely custom multimedia experience for the mobile phone, process text or data on the desktop or build a fully functional web application. 
  5. Learn Transferable Skills: LiveCode teaches the principals of coding which are necessary to pursue a career in software development. 

“Gracemount students found LiveCode easy to use and enjoy developing their own interfaces” says Whyte.    “Most students have an iPod or iPhone so I want to look at deploying the simple programs that they create to their phones.”   Whyte has developed a standard grade course using LiveCode and generously shared his course notes to all teachers who may be interested in teaching LiveCode to their students.    livecodeedu

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Read the Gracemount Case Study

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* Microsoft Survey of 16 – 18 Year Olds in the British Education System