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Over $4000 of Software for $499

Over $2000 of Software for $499

This bundle includes LiveCode for Mac/Windows, Linux, Web and Server. Achieve your project goals in a fraction of the time with the ability to make changes to the interface or code while the application is running. Write code that makes sense using expressive, memorable syntax. Slash debugging and maintenance time using understandable and readable code. Flexible delivery packs allow you to reuse the same code across multiple devices and platforms – Mac, Windows, Linux, Web and even Server – from a single code base. Create true, standalone, royalty free executables, or Serverside faceless CGI programs.

All this and an astonishing A-Z range of 27 productivity enhancing addons, everything from animationEngine helping you with animations, through brand new Franklin Audio bringing multi channel sound support, also new WordReport generating those all important reports and presentations for you, to Zygodact, effortlessly adding an automated registration system! Just take a look at the table below to see what's included.

We've specially selected iOS compatible addons for you in this great package: animationEngine, newly updated to version 4.0, giving you beautiful smooth animations on iPhone or iPad; rTree, a brand new powerful and highly sophisticated Tree-View control; Valentina ADK for Mac and Windows including a future update to bring you database client compatibility on iOS; SQL Yoga bringing easy DB integration to iOS in the included update to this package; Chartmaker, adding colorful flexible charts to your presentions; NativeDoc, helping you document your code effortlessly ; Wordlib bringing rich Word or Open Office documents into your applications; chartsEngine, a powerful, yet lightweight library to create charts; six popular sound packs from Mojo Audio plus 2 brand new SFX packs! and the RunRevLive.09 Conference DVD set, which includes hours of incredible learning material on 12 DVDs. Last but not least, this bundle includes LiveCode Development Tools plus deployment to Mac, Windows and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Create great software for iOS using our easy, understandable coding language and drag and drop interface. Get a headstart and achieve your project goals in a fraction of the time with this incredible software package
animationEngine UPDATED
Want to build a game or incorporate multimedia but don't know how to manage moving objects? Animation engine makes it easy. $79
rTree NEW!
rTree v.1.0 a professional level, high performance tree control for LiveCode $49
Data Grid Helper NEW!
Enhance your productivity with this great and intuitive interface for building LiveCode's Data Grids. $45
Valentina ADK
Valentina ADK lets professional developers embed Valentina DB into their application. Mac and Windows, $399
Mojo Audio x 8
A full compliment of clicks, beeps and pops to spice up your interface and add rich sounds to your App $164
*Data Tree
A powerful and highly sophisticated Tree-View control that lets you deliver professional level and beautiful tree controls. $45
*SQL Yoga
Stop wrestling with SQL and see how easy database integration can be. $199
Document your code, easily and effortlessly, using industry standard methods. $49
WordLib empowers your LiveCode projects with the ability to import word processing documents into your text fields. $50
A library solution with wizard to present and manipulate charts. $60
ChartsEngine is a powerful, yet lightweight library to create charts in LiveCode $99
WordReport NEW
Keep your clients and end-users happy with professional, perfectly-formatted reports $79

Franklin Audio NEW
Franklin Audio is a multi-channel audio external component on Windows and Mac OS X

Geometry manager for LiveCode $49
Scripters Scrapbook
Your personal reference library and source code repository $79
ScreenSteps Pro
Fast, simple, visual document creation.
Connect your LiveCode apps to Intel's app store $49
FmPro Migrator Platinum
The database migration tool for LiveCode $599
Quartam PDF Library
Go beyond 'print to PDF file' $149
Quartam Reports Std
The reports package for LiveCode $149
Franklin 3D
Franklin 3D is a powerful external 3D game engine for LiveCode $199
Generate, register and verify software serial keys with only one line of script! $99
The essential list manager to build professional projects with a few clicks $49
Meshbox x 4
A set of soundtracks giving background for your games $160
Fast, cross-platform spell checking library for LiveCode with AU, UK and US dictionaries. $79
SQLite Diff
The database comparison tool for SQLite $25
Iconpeople 3 packs
Beautiful, cost effective and versatile sets of 80 icons each. $297
This is the ultimate programmers product matrix, letting you get more done, in less time. Focus on creating the software of your imagination, and let LiveCode Megabundle do the heavy lifting. Produce your own stunning, media rich, high performing applications. All you have to do is choose your package today - do you want Desktop or iOS? Don't forget, this offer won't be around forever!
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*These products include a free update to an iOS compatible version, to be released within the next three months.