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Join over 1000 backers

Join Over 1000 Backers


Be a part of the team driving LiveCode Next Generation!

Together we can do this. Make your pledge today and help drive the future of programming. Over 1000 people already support us. CIO just listed RunRev as one of the top 20 companies to watch in 2013. Add your name to the backers roll of honor today and make Open Source LiveCode happen!

£315 pledge

Pledge Gets You:

£70 gets your name in lights (well in the LiveCode credits anyway) plus a 3 month commercial license, more learning academies than you can shake a stick at, an App tutorial eBook and a "Making of..." LiveCode documentary. Total package value £260/$395, yours for just £70.

£70 Pledge

Pledge Gets You:

£315 gets you a full year of Commercial license, on top of a long list of goodies including App Graphics and Icons, Mobile Development ebook, training Academies and a tShirt (everyone likes a tShirt). Total package value a whacking £650/$1000.


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