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The best value collection of Rev software -- ever.

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For the price of a regular revEnterprise license, you'll get an incredible, complete library of Rev software. Act now, this is a time limited offer. We've included 32 productivity boosting products, that's nearly $4000.00 of value.

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What's new: Our revSelect catalog of Rev components has seen fantastic growth this year. New to this year's bundle is: Franklin 3D, allowing you to create 3D games and presentations; tRev, a script editor with a tightly-integrated object browser and a customizable property editor; tText, the brand new text editor; chartsEngine, the powerful lightweight charts library; SQL Yoga, which extends the simplicity of Revolution to databases by allowing you to treat your database like an object; the Blue Mango professional application development training course; SpellCheck, allowing you to add spelling to any field; NativeDoc, the documentation generation system; ListMagic, the essential list manager; and the RunRevLive.09 Conference DVD set, which includes hours of incredible learning material on 12 DVDs.

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revEnterprise 4.0, our most powerful development system for professional development with one year of updates is included in every bundle for new customers. If you're an existing revEnterprise customer we include a 1-year renewal pack instead. If you're a revStudio customer we include an upgrade to revEnterprise with 1-year of updates.

Create games and stunning multimedia: Could Franklin 3D steal the show this year? This awesome new 3D package allows you to work with 3D graphics in a variety of formats. Franklin 3D will be shipping shortly and this package includes the prerelease version, then the shipping version together with 1-year of upgrades. Also included is the latest version of animationEngine, the easiest way to create inspiring animations in Rev. Rounding out the package we have icon sets from Iconpeople and audio clips from Meshbox and Mojo Audio.

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Build powerful business applications: Everything you need to create cutting-edge business applications is included. Save months of valuable development time by incorporating these components. revEnterprise is the most powerful member of the Rev product family and includes data security features, Oracle database access and more. Create charts and present complex data using chartsEngine. Manipulate databases with Zen-like efficiency using SQL Yoga. Document your application using ScreenSteps. Use the ultra-fast Valentina SQL database to store your data. Export PDF reports with Quartam PDF. Document your library with NativeDoc. Present lists of information interactively with ListMagic. Add polish to your applications with SpellCheck and a registration system with Zygodact. And last but not least, if you're migrating data from FileMaker, we've included FmPro Migrator to make that easier. Use Rev to build richer, royalty free front-ends to FileMaker.

Deploy utilities without waiting for your IT department: Rev enables you to create quick solutions that solve problems for you today, without having to wait for your IT department. The tRev script editor with tightly integrated object browser helps you to code faster. tText brings a familiar interface and great workflow to text editing. SQL Yoga creates Rev "objects" from databases, allowing you to pull together multiple information sources quickly. Present the output in PDF with Quartam PDF, on screen with chartsEngine or as an interactive list with ListMagic.

Get started quickly: We've included BlueMango's Training Course of building professional Rev applications. Also included is the RunRevLive.09 DVD set - a 12 DVD with sessions on everything from deploying on the Web to building stunning multimedia. This fabulous and varied learning material will save you many hours. There is sure to be a session on the topic you need. Also included is access to the revEnterprise professional developer community.

What more could you ask for? We're including 32 products in total (10 are brand new this year and 7 have been updated since last year), together with our top end revEnterprise product and updates for a whole year. Treat yourself this holiday season!

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