Be prepared for anything in 2010!
(Swiss Army Knife)

As software developers, we're constantly trying to conquer two things. I don't mean bugs and features, either! I mean time and money. Time marches forward while we write and test our code. And money usually catches us just when we least expect it.

As 2009 winds down, we're offering you an amazing deal that will help you make the most of your time and save an incredible amount of money. For a very short time, receive almost $4000.00 in software for just $499.

This bundle is specifically designed to help you tackle any software project quickly and affordably:

  • Start with our amazing flagship product, revEnterprise. The quick-to-learn highly productive development environment that lets you build full applications with native look-and-feel on every major operating system and the Web -- in a fraction of the time it would take you to build in in any other language or system! We've even included a year of upgrades and updates to cover you throughout 2010.
  • Add professional programming tools, such as tRev, the high-performance script editor that gives you full command of your code, and SQL Yoga that makes it a snap to manipulate SQL data using objects.
  • Generate high-quality results with the easy-to-use ChartsEngine and Quartam PDF output libraries.
  • Accelerate your performance with the premium Valentina database engine.
  • Give your solutions a polished look with professional icons, animation tools, media utilities, and documentation assistance.
  • Make your application come alive with the all new Franklin 3D, the latest AnimationEngine, as well as hundreds of studio-quality sound files, from short beeps to entire soundtracks.
  • Learn how to make it happen with the RunRevLive.09 DVD set which includes live, in-person training from the best instructors and experts on Rev.
  • A total of 32 productivity enhancing products are included.

This bundle saves you time because you won't have to "reinvent the wheel" to accomplish everyday tasks. It saves you money because you get it all for the price of one or two of these packages alone!

Here's what's included when you act now:

Product Description Retail Price
Software Assurance Pack
(New for 2009!)
The revEnterprise Software Assurance Pack entitles you to a full year of updates to your revEnterprise product. This means you will be able to download and unlock every new release of revEnterprise during your license period, giving you access to new features, improvements and bug fixes as they happen. $199
Franklin 3D
(New for 2009!)
Create stunning 3D games and applications with this new library from Mirye. This new product is nothing short of stunning and opens up a whole new 3D world to Revolution customers. $299
2009 Conference DVD
(New for 2009!)
Witness our debut on the Worldwide Web from the comfort of your armchair. 3 full days of sessions from the experts - around 40 hours of viewing! $249
SQL Yoga
(New for 2009!)
SQL Yoga extends the simplicity of Revolution to databases by allowing you to treat your database like an object. Stop wrestling with SQL and see how easy database integration can be! $199
(New for 2009!)
tRev is a Revolution script editor with a tightly-integrated object browser and a customizable property editor. $50
(New for 2009!)
There's a brand new text editor in town and its UI may look familiar.. $12
(New for 2009!)
This course teaches you about application development techniques in Revolution. Start with how to organize your development environment and go through releasing installers and updaters. $299
(New for 2009!)
The easy way to create fabulous Charts in your Revolution applications. $99
(New for 2009!)
The RunRevPlanet SpellCheck Stack is what you need to add full spell checking to any field in your Revolution application. $79
(New for 2009!)
The essential list manager to build professional projects with a few clicks. $49
(New for 2009!)
NativeDoc is a documentation system for runRev. Generate an HTML API reference manual from a set of documented scripts. The documentation is extracted directly from the scripts, which makes it easy to keep the documentation consistent with the source code. $49
(Updated for 2009!)
Want to build a game but don't know how to manage moving objects? Animation engine makes it easy. Build a shoot-em-up in an afternoon! $79
Screensteps Standard
(Updated for 2009!)
Makes documentation a snap. Reach out to your customers and take the pain out of software support by creating excellent manuals for your software. $39.95
FmPro Migrator Dev Edition
(Updated for 2009!)
Save literally hundreds of hours of time by using FM Pro Migrator. One of the most notable achievements of this really extraordinary software, is the ability to convert your whole Filemaker layout and bring it intact into Revolution with just a few clicks and a couple of seconds of compilation time. $200
SQLite Diff
(Updated for 2009!)
SQLite Diff is a graphical comparison tool for SQLite database files, comparing both the schema and the data. $25
(Updated for 2009!)
Zygodact provides an easy, automated way to add a complete registration serial key system to your rev standalone application or stack. With only a single line of code, Zygodact will check to see whether your application has been registered with a valid serial key. $99
(Updated for 2009!)
Get Valentina ADK for Revolution on Mac and Windows. Build ultra fast database solutions with Revolution, that can store data on a local desktop, run off of read only media like DVD ROM, query Valentina Office Server over the internet - or all at the same time!. $299
Quartam PDF Library Quartam PDF library enables you to generate PDF documents directly from your rev stacks. Quartam PDF provides complete control over layout making this a powerful addition to your software. $149
Iconpeople 3 packs Valerian, Centaury and Aspen are three different beautiful, cost effective and versatile sets of 80 icons for your development projects. These icons look beautiful and professional on any platform: Windows, Linux and MacOS X. $297
Meshbox x 4 Music from Elven Village and Music from Halfling Village comprise a complete set of 32 royalty free fantasy themed soundtracks designed to complement Meshbox Design's Village series of 3D models. Each soundtrack is between 1 to 3 minutes in length. $160
Mojo Audio x 6 Pick from a huge variety of sound effects. From interface to intergalactic, a program without audio is like a party without music. These sounds are brought to you by Mojo Audio; industry veterans with dozens of titles in our credits and rave reviews. $119.7
NativeSpeak Create Localize your software with NativeSpeak. NativeSpeak is a two part system which assists rev Developers to offer their applications to speakers of different languages. $229
NativeSpeak Translate NativeSpeak Translate is the tool designed to permit human translators to translate software using the Dam-pro NativeSpeak Technology. No programmer knowledge is required to use NativeSpeak Translate. $119
  Total Retail Value: $3,901.65
  YOU PAY ONLY: $499.00

As you can see, this is the very best time to purchase Revolution, because you get our entire library of valuable add-on software and media included at one low price!

Don't let this phenomenal offer pass you by! Give yourself the gift of the RevSelect library, available now for a limited time with your Revolution purchase.



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