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Come Home to Rev for the Holidays

There really has never been a better time to get Rev. Here's why:

- Our new Rev 4.0 now allows you to deploy to the Web. Run your Rev applications in popular browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari.

Deployment Options

- Rev 4.0 includes new graphic effects making it easy for you to create dazzling interactive experiences.

- Plus, for a very limited time, we're including a huge bundle of Rev software for just $499, a saving of around $3500.00.

We include a revEnterprise license and a full year of upgrades in the bundle price. The bundle is comprehensive and we're sure there is lots in there that you will find valuable. This is a simply unmissable offer, never before have we offered such a fabulous deal.

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Take a look at some of the things you can do:

Bullet Point Programming & Utilities.
How often do you need to solve a problem today? Perhaps you need to crunch some data for your small business? Or will the world have moved on by the time your IT department gets to it? Whatever you need, Rev is the perfect swiss army knife. We know there are thousands of businesses that use Rev to solve problems every day.

In this bundle we include the new tRev script editor that helps you to write code faster. SQL Yoga creates objects from databases, allowing you to pull together information fast. Generate charts with millions of data points using chartsEngine.


Bullet Point

In-Depth Learning Resources.
You're busy and you need to get up to speed fast. We've included the complete RunRevLive.09 12 DVD set, 40 fabulous hours of fabulous footage following our most successful conference ever. Settle down to learn the basics with Devin & Jacque or learn valuable time saving tricks and techniques from the pros.

Also included is BlueMango's training course on Building Professional Rev Applications and access to the friendly revEnterprise pro developer community.


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Games & Graphic Enhancers.
Its a 3D Christmas with the all new Franklin 3D.

Franklin lets you work with 3D models in a variety of formats, create interactive games or multimedia. Watch this short video. Also included is version 3.0 of Debrill's AnimationEngine, making 2D animation in Rev a snap. AnimationEngine is great for building sophisticated interfaces or making multimedia and games in Rev easily.


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Database power tools.
There are several tools to help with your database needs in the package.

Get the ultra-fast, high performance and flexible Valentina database. Use SQL Yoga to manipulate your SQL databases as "objects" with a Zen-like efficiency. Ol if you need to migrate your FileMaker solution -- to add more power, flexibility or create royalty free standalones, FmPro migrator makes it easy.


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Commercial & Pro Development.
If you're a professional developer, revEnterprise is our most powerful solution for creating cutting-edge professional solutions.

revEnterprise includes the advanced feature set you need, including data security, Oracle database connectivity and access to our community of professional Rev developers. Also included are a dazzling array of professional tools and utilities for managing databases, presenting information, creating professional output and much more.


Bullet Point Royalty-Free Clip Art & Media.
Need a sound clip or an icon? We have it covered with dozens of royalty free soundtracks and sounds from Meshbox and Mojo Audio and icons from Iconpeople.



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All the fixings

You're in Good Company

Rev is trusted by the world's most respected brands, top universities and thousands of small and medium sized businesses. Rev 4.0 empowers you to create solutions up to 10x more productively than with other languages.

You can now use revTalk to create applications and interactive content that runs on the Web, desktop or server, for the PC, Mac or Linux.

There has never been a better time to try Rev. But time is running out so Act Now!

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