The evidence is stacked against him.

Rev 4.0 Released

The latest release of the revEnterprise platform has shipped with a number of great new features smoothing the path of integrated development:

The exciting web plugin architecture launched in San Francisco last month is included, allowing for the easy deployment of stacks to the web.

The new effects architecture has also been added providing drop and inner shadows, outer and inner glows and color overlays with just a few clicks. There has never been a better time to buy this fabulous tool.

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What's in the box?
Following the arrest of Mr. Claus, our reporter interviewed the CEO of RunRev Ltd concerning the alleged Heist. Mr Miller seemed relaxed and very positive that there had been no mistake. He assured our reporter that the valuable software, including such titles as the brand new Franklin 3D, tText, tRev Editor, the highly acclaimed and popular animationEngine, super fast Valentina database and of course the brilliant revEnterprise development environment, were all being given away for the incredible price of $499.

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“So we put together this MegaBundle of $4000.00 for only $499”

"I just wanted everyone to have a wonderful holiday" Mr. Miller said, "so we put together this MegaBundle of $4000.00 for only $499, so that the best developers can have the best tools for the job".
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This great offer ends in just 3 days time!
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